Regular Lunchboxes

Regular - Low Calorie


Our Regular Lunchboxes, designed by our Executive Chef and our Dietitian, are portion controlled to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body,
while ensuring that you get the most from the different food groups.

 You may order depending on the calorie count recommended for you. Meal menus change every week to ensure variety. Click here for the latest menu.

What You Get:

Include: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 1-2 snacks per day for, 5 days (Monday to Friday)
*Please note that the menu items are based on calorie-count by our In-house Dietitian. Some days may have 1 or 2 snacks per day.
Portion Control: Calorie counted portions to keep you fit and healthy and to help you achieve your weight goals.
Variety: Menus change every week.
Dietitian: Access to our in-house dietitian to make sure your meals are prepared according to your requirements.
Delivery: FREE same day or day before delivery right at your doorstep (based on your address)
*Our FREE delivery service covers most of Metro Manila.

Macronutrients Information

Calorie Breakdown

*Please take note that the calorie breakdown below is just an approximate count per day




  • New menus weekly
  • Good for five (5) days inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack/s
  • Delivered daily From Monday-Friday (Same Day Delivery) / Sunday-Thursday (Day Before Delivery)
  • Free Delivery within Metro Manila
  • Free Access to our Registered Inhouse Dietitian


Good for five (5) days meal plan

  • Up to two (2) Ingredients removal/substitution (ex: no pork, no beef) ADD P250.00
  • Less one (1) main meal (ex: no breakfast, lunch or dinner) LESS P300.00
  • Less snacks LESS P100.00

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