JC Tevez

After emerging as one of the big winners in this year’s MYX VJ Search, VJ JC Tevez’ work schedule went over the top. With all the new shows and radio commitments he suddenly needed to juggle, it became easy to just grab whatever is fast and convenient to eat—that usually meant unhealthy and fattening food. Also, JC is a no holds barred foodie who loves to try every meal put in front of him, so you can imagine how hard it would be to change his eating habits.

But JC knew that in order to really give his best in his newfound career, he also had to keep himself fit and healthy. The choice to shift to healthier eating was easy once he put things into perspective, but how to actually do it with his hectic lifestyle and love for everything delicious was the great challenge.

Y'know what feels good? When your effort yields results (Story below, it's worth it if you need fitspiration!): The past few months I had let myself go, and it was showing, I had to angle more for photos, and pants were getting snug. So your boy decided it was time to drop the cookies and get dat jawline back. For the past month I've been undergoing my #ChrisFatToChrisPratt transformation, and I feel amazing. Discpline, mixed with exercise, and of course a brand new 'High-Protein, Low-Carb' diet from @lunchboxdietph has really been eye-opening. "Dieting" doesn't always have to be so hard, and I've learned now that fueling my body with the right healthy foods is something that I had failed to do over the course of my ENTIRE life! 30 days in and I feel stronger and more energetic than I have in my life, despite a hectic schedule, and I can feel my body thanking me. What's also really cool is how lunchbox uses quality ingredients and partners up with great suppliers like Fishta that value clean and fresh food. The journey isn't over, and of course I will always have my weekend cheat-meal (can't keep daddy from his 🍕) but in the words of Chris Pratt himself: 'apply constant pressure for as long as it takes', lez git it playas!

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Lunchbox Diet to the Rescue!

Fortunately, JC called up our Lunchbox Diet team for support. Since he had no time to do groceries let alone cook healthy meals, we were more than happy to do all those things for him.

In the past two months, JC has made it easier to eat healthy with his 1500-calorie meal plan and Day-Before-Delivery option. Whether he is shooting on location or at the radio station, he can always grab healthy and delicious meals without worrying about what he’s eating or about gaining weight.

Watch how JC eats now and know how he discovered that healthy can also be easy, fast, and convenient!


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