Emman Damian

Doing what you love has always been at the core of tennis enthusiast and foodie, Emman Damian. That’s why in 2016 he started his website thetennisfoodie.com and as the name suggests, its all about sharing a trove of information, tips, reviews, and recommendations about two of his most favorite activities in this world—tennis and eating!

However, years of food adventures, eating out, and attending lots of food-related events took their toll on Emman’s body and health—even if he was into sports.

So what does Emman do to finally make a change and reclaim his fitness? He decides to contact Lunchbox Diet to help him out with his 30-day weight loss challenge.

As Emman tells us on his blog post about his first week on LBD:
“I’m a foodie and it’s really difficult to lose weight when you have so many food tasting invites or parties to attend. Recently, I have promised myself to bring back my old form. I have seen a decline in my performance in the tennis court and I got injured a lot. With this in mind, I needed to change my diet and lifestyle. Recently, I discovered a convenient way to eat healthy and nutritious food without the hassle of preparing it – Lunchbox Diet.”

We were really excited to help Emman achieve his fitness goal since we also took it as a challenge to serve him healthy, calorie-counted meals that were also delicious since we knew, as a food blogger, he would have a discerning palate and our dishes would certainly be reviewed not only on presentation and service, but also based on their taste!

Curious about what Emman has to say about our dishes? Fortunately,
he has a detailed weekly review, which you can read on his site. Check out the links below:









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